Kids–They Notice Everything

This cold, blustery, supposedly spring day in Ohio is making me wish that I had the power of time travel. I would love to go back to March of last year when it was warm and sunny.

Let’s face it, I had a reason to shave my legs then.

Speaking of shaving my legs, working as a tot teacher I don’t necessarily put a lot of effort into how I look. Of course I make sure that I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed–I put some effort into my appearance, but I’m not wearing fancy dress up clothes by any means. I get sneezed on, peed on, and occasionally licked on a daily basis; who wants to be in their best clothes for that? Comfort is key when you’re chasing after little ones all day who spew bodily fluids at you like it’s their job.

Anyways, back on topic. Not only do I not wear my dress clothes to work, but I do not always make it a point to keep my legs freshly shaved and baby smooth. I mean come on, only two year olds touch my legs. Who am I trying to impress? (Don’t judge me, I don’t walk around with Chewbacca legs.)

One day at work I was playing with this little boy who was two at the time–let’s call him T. He’s a handsome boy–blonde hair, blue eyes, and a mischievous little grin. We were just playing as usual and he happened to touch my leg. I had just shaved my legs the night before in lieu of the warm weather. T starts to rub my leg absentmindedly when he stops and looks at me and says,

“Ri got a haircut?”

Kids. They notice everything. Even when we don’t want them to.


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