The Lion King and Ice Packs

One of the joys of working with little ones is the sweet moments that happen–the moments that bring tears to your eyes and make you want to keep those kids from ever getting hurt by “the real world.”

Disney movies are big in my room–Finding Nemo (which we watched every day for three months straight. I’ve got it memorized.), Toy Story, Aladdin, you name it. One day we were watching The Lion King. My kids love this movie, but they’re not big fans of Scar or the hyenas, so I typically have to skip “the bad parts” for them. I myself do not like to watch the sad parts of any Disney movie–I try to skip all the death scenes. I was a bit busy with one of the kids when the saddest part of The Lion King started to play out–Mufasa’s death. As we watched Mufasa fall to his death, one of my little boys (we’ll call him C) jumped up and ran to our fridge, desperately trying to open the door. 

Me: What are you doing?

C: He has a boo-boo! He needs an ice pack!

It’s times like those that make me want to protect them from all the hurt in the world, the kind that can’t be healed by an ice pack. 


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