Reasons My Toddlers Cry

I was inspired by this a father’s Tumblr page entitled “Reasons My Son is Crying.” Look it up. It’s hilarious. So thanks to him, I have compiled a long list of why my toddlers cry throughout the day. Here it goes.

Reasons My Toddlers Cry

  1. There’s no more room for them to sit on my lap.
  2. I said their name.
  3. I looked at them.
  4. A friend looked at them.
  5. I cut up their food so they wouldn’t choke.
  6. We’re watched the “wrong” movie.
  7. I turned on the water to wash their hands.
  8. I handed them a paper towel.
  9. I gave them the “wrong” snack. 
  10. We sang the “wrong” song. 
  11. I gave them milk instead of juice.
  12. I gave them juice instead of milk.
  13. They didn’t get a treat for not peeing in the potty.
  14. They didn’t get a treat for pooping in their diaper.
  15. I gave them the cereal they asked for.
  16. I won’t let them open the door and run out into the parking lot.
  17. I threw their trash away.
  18. I closed the fridge door. 
  19. Someone walked by them.
  20. I wouldn’t let them smear snot over everything.
  21. I wouldn’t let them bite their friends.
  22. I told them I love them. 
  23. I wiped their nose.

Toddlers. They be crazy.