Poop-Centered Days

So I’ve been on sabbatical. And by sabbatical I mean the complete opposite. Typically a sabbatical is a break or rest from work, sometimes lasting from two months to a year. I have not had a break or rest from work. I had a week off from work to regain some sanity but I feel as if that has already escaped me. So by sabbatical I mean I was on a I’ve-got-schoolwork-that-takes-up-my-life-plus-working-48-hours-a-week-while-occasionally-babysitting-and-attempting-to-get-enough-sleep-while-trying-not-to-doze-off-at-work kind of break…which just means I totally forgot about my blog. 

It’s come to my attention that spending so much time with little ones really affects one’s behavior. For example, I find myself talking like my kids on occasion. Too many times have I caught myself saying “I have to go potty” in a room full of adults without a child in sight. I wish I was just being cute. I’m not. I’ve just lost it. At least I haven’t thrown a tantrum. Yet.

Things that no mature adult would ever be excited about all of a sudden become the most exciting thing in your day when you spend all your time with children. For example, this was the most exciting thing that happened this morning: One of my tots was going potty and she jumps up, looks into the bowl and yells:

“Look Riley! My poop looks like a snake!”

She then proceeded to move her arms in a snake-like motion.

I have just realized that most of my days are entirely centered around poop.

This is why I need to spend more time with adults.