Taking Out the Pacifier

It’s time for my metaphorical paci to come out. That’s right. I will no longer be silenced about what goes on in my toddler room. And oh so many things go on in there. Some funny, some adorable, some, well…gross. I’m about to lay it all out–no sugarcoating here. For those of you with squeamish tummies and sensitive gag reflexes, you may want to steer clear of any potty training tales. Those won’t be for you. But if you love a good heartwarming story about toddlers and the things they say or do, please stay! Just avert your eyes of any poop and dodge any rogue pee streams–I promise you’ll be fine.

In my years of experience as a toddler teacher there have been a lot of ups and downs. You really have to have a sense of humor when it comes to working with kids, especially toddlers. The terrible twos? Oh, they’re real. Very real. And so are the terrible one-and-a-halfs, almost-twos, and threes. Tantrums happen daily–often multiple times in a day–and it can be so draining trying to deal with all of that while taking care of five to seven kids at a time. Most of which are potty training. Draining, yes, but so rewarding.

I’m starting this blog to chronicle my experience in the hopes of one day publishing a book in the same name as this site–Confessions of a Toddler Teacher: The Pacifier Comes Out! Until my dream can be attained, I will regale you with tales from the toddler room–not to be confused with Tales from the Crypt. Toddlers can be scary, but not that scary.